Why is it so hard to download a PMBok pdf? 6 months ago

Why is it so hard to find a copy of the PMBoK pdf to download?

I’ve noticed recently, that a lot of people search for a copy of the PMBOK pdf to download for free. PMBOK stands for the Project Management Body of Knowledge, and people find it hard to come by in pdf format.  This makes sense, as it isn’t cheap to buy.

I certainly don’t want to waste your time, as I can’t find it for free either! I can tell you, though, where to buy it, and explain why perhaps you should perhaps fork out some of that hard earned cash for this one book…

It is hard to find a free copy – or even an extract, and for good reason.  PMBOK is a very powerful document. It is considered to be “The Bible of Project Management”, by the majority of professional project managers around the world.

What is it, anyway?

The “PMBOK Guide” as it is more correctly known, is a compilation of learning and guidance gathered and tested over the last 60 odd years, in relation to effective or “best practice” project management.  The list of contributing authors is significant in terms of collective wisdom and experience, as well as by the sheer number of contributors.  Many authors of the original (and even the latest 5th Edition) have moved into senior positions in professional project management industry associations, or senior project management positions around the world.

In July 2014, in response to the demand for better access to this knowledge, the PMBOK guide was released internationally in 9 languages (Chinese [simplified], French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish). In the 5th edition, PMBoK pdf downloads are available for Errata – identifying the updates and changes from previous versions.

Why should I use it?

If you follow the PMBOK guide, you will significantly increase the chance of successfully achieving your project objectives. You will reduce residual risk and you will reduce the likelihood of unintended or uncontrolled time, cost or scope blowouts.

If you don’t know what any of that really means but are reading this, you need to get a copy of the guide!

(If you are serious about increasing your project management know-how, there are other options. Consider project management training or certification from a company certified provider, such as Primal Solutions – a well known, trusted provider of both.

Where do I get it?

The Project Management Institute (PMI) produce and sell the PMBOK guide. PMI is one of the peak professional project management associations in the world.  For obvious commercial reasons, they don’t make a PMBoK pdf version available as a free download.

You can buy a copy of the PMBOK guide here for $65.95 (or $49.50 if you become a PMI member).

Although PMI doesn’t make a PMBOK pdf available as a free download; if you join PMI as a member ($129 per year plus chapter fees) you can access an online, read-only version of PMBoK pdf.

It does cost more to join PMI than the cost of the book. Joining purely in order to receive the member discount obviously doesn’t make sense; however, joining a professional body such as PMI, or AIPM (Australian Institute of Project Management) provides many other benefits for professional project managers to improve your capacity and understanding of project management.

Yakkaplan and PMBOK

That’s why we chose to use the PMBOK guide as a framework for Yakkaplan.  We built Yakkaplan to meet PMBOK (and ISO 21500) standards.

Our goal with Yakkaplan is to simplify the way you plan your projects while helping you comply with the guidance from the PMBOK guide.

Check out Yakkaplan’s FREE TRIAL for a low-cost way of applying the PMBOK guide to your projects right now.

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