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What does Yakkaplan do?

Yakkaplan provides a fast and efficient way of planning any kind of project. It uses carefully designed, pre-built workflows, document templates and processes formulated by industry experts to guide you through the ‘best practice’ way of planning your project.

Think of Yakkaplan as your own personal Project Director, advising you how to get the job done.

Is it like MS Project?

Nope. Far from it.  Yakkaplan, like MS Project, is used to help plan and manage projects, but that’s about where the similarities end.

Ideally, you should be using Yakkaplan, well before you fire up MS Project.  Yakkaplan helps you focus on the very early planning activities (like “who cares about this project and what do they want!”).  MS Project is really concerned about “what has to happen when we get started”.

Yakkaplan is a flowchart (workflow) based tool that integrates tasks, documents, communication, approvals, activities and more into a single, overarching process that is purpose built for specific types of projects.

Yakkaplan is designed to be used in conjunction with other task or scheduling based tools like MS Project, Basecamp, Trello, etc. They complement each other.

How much does it cost?

Yakkaplan is free while in beta. Please see our pricing page here

What is a 'Project Map'?

A ‘Project Map’ is a term that describes one of the core elements of Yakkaplan’s planning interface – i.e. a combination of a process map / workflow, documents, tasks, decisions and communications that are required to successfully plan the project.

Project maps can be quite simple and small, to very large and complex, depending on the project and the desire to reflect various levels of detail.

A sample project map is below:


I have existing documents in MS Word. Can I use them?

Absolutely! Yakkaplan is an extremely flexible tool, designed to help and support you work in any way that suits you best.

Many of our pre-built workflows also include built in Yakkaplan documents – and the reasons for using those are many.

However, in most cases we have replicated (or you can customise) our standard workflows for you to include MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint – or in fact ANY external file as attachments.

Why would I use Yakkaplan with MS Word documents?

Yakkaplan inbuilt documents provide many advantages (2-way sync between multiple documents, live collaboration, automatic version control, notifications and more).

However, if you choose to use your own documents or document templates, you can still harness the power of Yakkaplan’s workflows to ensure you are using best practice processes designed by industry experts, or that your team is consistently using your purpose built processes.

Plus, Yakkaplan workflows include live notifications, approvals, decision points, communications and more.

How I get my information out of Yakkaplan?

Everything in Grapple (workflows, documents and templates) can all be exported as PDFs at any time.

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